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Did I notice it then or did I notice it afterwards?

2020 - 400 copies

About the work:


Did I notice it then or did I notice it afterwards? is a personal graphic narrative about the author's experience of losing control of reality and going into psychosis. The book uses an interplay of drawings and text to create a holistic autobiographical book. It is somewhere between being a traditional autobiography and art.

"When I think about it, I realize that of course the puzzles should not fit together. I had lost my mind and delusions can not be solved like a math problem or a jigsaw puzzle. Otherwise it would not be a delusion. "

Halla Birgisdóttir was in her early twenties, a promising art student and a young mother when she embarked on a trip abroad with her boyfriend and their child. During the journey, it gradually became clear that the strange behavior, that her family initially thought was caused by stress and insomnia, was in fact the first sign of psychosis. Halla was convinced that she was a participant in a reality TV show. Everything she heard, saw and experienced could become a meaningful clue that led her on into a reality that eventually became completely inaccessible to the people around her.

Sample fromthe book:

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